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David Gilmour has commissioned Pete Cornish to make an all new Tube Effects Board for his upcoming 2006 tour promoting his new album On an  Island scheduled to be released on 03/06/06. The board will have the following effects in it:

ALL TUBE EFFECTS BOARD S/N 0595 (effects listed in proper signal order)

Pete Cornish Tube Buffer
 Demeter Compulator
 Send - Return #1 for additional effects if required
 Pete Cornish G-2
 Pete Cornish P-1
 2 X  BK Butler Tube Driver plus 2 X Pete Cornish Tube Buffer
 Send - Return #2 for additional effects if required
 Boss GE-7
 Custom Volume Pedal insert
 Pete Cornish Tape Echo Simulator with Pete Cornish Tube Buffer
MXR Digital Delay (Rack mount) with Pete Cornish Tube Buffer
 2 X Outputs with Pete Cornish Tube Line Drivers

Pete Cornish has also made a Sound on Sound interface for use with his electric guitars. This is the same effect used for "Shine On" during his Meltdown DVD, but specifically for use with his electric guitars.

Also for the New All Tube Effect Board David Gilmour had Pete Cornish resurrect one of his favorite effects, the Precision Fuzz which was made for the Wall Boards. To keep in time with his new effect titles, it has been aptly named the P-1. Very similar to a Big Muff tone, it is a huge effect made for stadium type settings.

The Tube Drivers listed are newly built Tube Drivers hand made by B. K. Butler. They are not Chandler Tube Drivers and have been improved upon by B.K. Butler from his original models.

The Digitech Whammy II pedal was used on tour for "The Blue"

The Rack used consisted of the following:

Roland SDD-3000 delay (which handled the long delays into the Sound on Sound for "Shine On")
Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner
MXR Digital Delay System model II
Pete Cornish “Sound on Sound” unit
Digitech IPS 33B harmonizer
Uni-Vibe, custom rack unit
Peterson's Strobe rack tuner
2 Avalon U5 mono instrument class A DI Preamplifier


Amplification will be three HIWATT DR103's. One into a WEM 4 X 12 cab,  one into a Marshall 4 X 12 cab, and the other for the Sound on Sound Interface.

For the Studio recording of On an Island David Gilmour used his Pete Cornish All Tube Effects Board Mk 1 which included the following effects:

Demeter Compulator
Pete Cornish G-2
EH Big Muff
Pete Cornish SS-2
BK Butler Chandler Tube Driver
Pete Cornish Tape Echo Simulator (T.E.S)
Boss CE-2 Chorus (Modified by Pete Cornish)

Also being used by Phil Manzanera is David Gilmour's Pete Cornish Effects Board S/N 120 used by Pink Floyd in 1988. It is equipped with the following: : MXR Dyna-Comp/SS-2/Muff/Electric Mistress/Boss CE-2/Boss DD-2/3 X Send-Returns/2 X Amp feeds.

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