Here are some links to other David Gilmour sites, and some equipment sites that I've found very useful, entertaining, and otherwise relevant to your search for that elusive Tone From Heaven. Anyone interested in having their sites posted, feel free. Use the button below for your linking.

David Gilmour's main equipment provider, modifier and maker.. See Pete Cornish's latest equipment and effects boards!
Pete Cornish

David Gilmour's official Website
David Gilmour

Articles written by Richard Mahon for Spare Bricks and his personal website. He is probably the best source of things Pink Floyd on the internet
Richard Mahon

Here is an excellent source for equipment and detailed settings, as well as sound clips for back tracks and the like. Bjorn is an outstanding person and has designed his site around Gilmour's earlier tones and built his tone around effects that you can get right out of the box.

David Gilmour's main string supplier, giving him custom string sets for his guitars

The number one source for all things Pink Floyd, the Pink Floyd Archives where you can also find and purchase the Pink Floyd Encyclopedia by Vernon Fitch
Pink Floyd Archives

The best, I think, Pink Floyd Fanzine on the internet, Spare Bricks
Spare Bricks

Evidence Audio, where you can get the cables used by David Gilmour during the Live 8 shows and his recent solo tours
Evidence Audio

An up and coming David Gilmour Gear Forum hosted by Rafal Zychal

A good Italian Pink Floyd website created by Veronica Waters
Pink Floyd Style