In this section I will give a listing of effects used song by song by David Gilmour during the DIVISION BELL tour. Keep in mind that these may have changed from venue to venue. The effects are not in any specific order on this list. It is just a list of effects used from song to song. I've put the songs in the order that they were played on the PULSE video/PULSE CD.

Many thanks to Rafal Zychal for his work and countless hours of looking through DVD's and Video tape, studying the rack unit during the songs. Most Dark Side of the Moon settings were taken from the January 1995 issue of GUITARIST magazine.

For the “Pulse” tour Pete Cornish  modified David Gilmour’s stage system to include the following effects (via the Pete Cornish Routing Unit):

1) Boss CS-2 Compressor 13) Uni-vibe (Rack Mounted)
2) MXR Dynacomp 14) Boss CE-2 (1)
3) Ibanez Compressor 15) Tremulator
4) IPS 33B Pitch Shift 16) Boss GE-7 (1)
5) Hyperfuzz (Later switched out for the Boss MZ-2 Metalizer) 17) Boss GE-7 (2)
6) Pete Cornish P-2 Fuzz 18) Boss GE-7 (3)
7) Chandler Tube Driver (1) 19) MXR DDL II
8) Pro-Co Rat 20) TC2290
9) Pete Cornish Soft-Sustain-2 21) PCM 70
10) Sovtek Big Muff 22) Doppola
11) Chandler Tube Driver (2) 23) Dynachord Leslie Effect
12) E.H.Electric Mistress 24) Boss CE-2 (2)

Notes: Tube Driver #1 is set to be a volume boost for clean tones and for boosting the Big Muff. Tube Driver #2 is set as an Overdrive unit. 

BOSS GE-7 Eqs A = Bass, B = Mids, C = Treble and Bass 

Doppolas are used on virtually every song, even when not mentioned. Interesting to note that while these are a speaker, David Gilmour seems to think of them as an effect.

All effects were modified by Pete Cornish. 

Shine On...
Intro - CS-2/Dynacomp/Doppolas/L.Chorus/GE-7 "A"
Solos and Verse - CS-2/Tube Driver#2/TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus

Astronomy Domine
CS-2/Tube Driver #2/TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus
Solo - CS-2/Tube Driver #2/T2290/MXR DDL/Doppolas/L.Chorus

Learning To Fly
CS-2/Tube Driver #2/TC2290/L.Chorus

What Do you Want From Me ?
CS-2/Tube Driver#1/RAT/TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus

Take It Back
CS-2/Tube Driver #1/Dynacomp/Doppolas/L.Chorus

Coming Back To Life
Verse - CS-2/Tube Driver #2/Doppolas/L.Chorus
Solos - CS-2/Tube Driver #2/Dynacomp/Doppolas/L.Chorus/TC2290/MXR DDL

On The Turning Away
Verse - Tube Driver#2 TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus
Solo - CS-2/Sovtek Muff /Tube Driver#1/TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus

A Great Day For Freedom
CS-2/SS-2/Tube Driver #1/Dynacomp/Doppolas/L.Chorus

Intro - Tube Driver#1/Sovtek Muff/TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus/GE-7 "B"
Verse and middle solo - Sovtek Muff /Tube Driver#1/TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus
Final Solo - CS-2/Sovtek Muff /Tube Driver#1/TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus

Another Brick Part II
Solo - CS-2/Tube Driver#2/TC2290/L.Chorus/Doppolas

One Of These Days
CS-2/Sovtek Muff/Tube Driver #1/TC2290/L.Chorus/Doppolas

Breathe (+reprise)
Tube Driver#1/Uni-Vibe/Chorus//TC2290/Doppolas/L.Chorus

Intro – MXR DynaComp/Ibanez CP-9 Compressor/Boss CE-2/TC Electronics 2290 (Long Delay)/PCM 70 Delay (Binson multi-tap delay)/Graphic EQ “B” (GE-7 set for Mids)

Verse – Tube Driver#2/TC 2290 (long delay)

Solo – Big Muff/Tube Driver #2/UniVibe/TC 2290 (long delay)

 Great Gig in the Sky (Slide Guitar)
MXR DynaComp/Boss CS-2/TC 2290 (Long Delay) 

Riff – Pete Cornish SS-2/Tube Driver #2

Solo – Boss CS-2/Sovtek Big Muff/Tube Driver #1/TC 2290 (Long Delay)

Dry Solo – Tube Driver #1/RAT 

Us and Them
Boss CS-2/Tube Driver #1/TC 2290 (Long Delay) 

Any Color you Like
Boss CS-2/Tube Driver #1/UniVibe/Dynachord CLS222 Leslie/TC 2290 (Long Delay) 

Brain Damage
Boss CS-2/Tube Driver #1/UniVibe/TC 2290 (long delay) 

Boss CS-2/Tube Driver #1/UniVibe/Dynachord CLS222 Leslie/TC 2290 (long delay)

Hey You
Sovtek Muff/Tube Driver#1/L.Chorus/Doppolas/TC2290

Comfortably Numb
Sovtek Muff/Tube Driver#1/L.Chorus/Doppolas/TC2290
Solos - CS-2/Sovtek Muff/Tube Driver#1/L.Chorus/Doppolas/TC2290

Run Like Hell